Day 30: Neuhausen to Kloten

22 July 2011

Today was the last day of cycling, and a short one.

Setting out from Neuhausen

We rode from Neuhausen to Kloten, mostly along a bike path.

Now entering Germany. Oh, and then exiting it again.

We got to the hotel before lunchtime. Which was fortunate, because right as we had we were boxing up the bikes, the sky opened up and it started to pour.

Back at Hotel Fly Away

We had lunch at Migros (a whole chicken and a tub of macaroni between us), then went chocolate shopping. I would end up bringing back about 11 lbs of chocolate obtained from 4 different stores (3 supermarkets, and a Sprüngli store).

After lunch, and a couple of preliminary rounds of chocolate shopping, we went to Zürich for more shopping, including a stopover at the Sprüngli cafe/restaurant.

Sprüngli restaurant

We then spent what I normally would consider to be an extraordinary amount of time shopping, as Piaw tried to find a suitable (and sufficiently authentic-sounding) cowbell as a souvenir for his brother. Meanwhile, I admired all the fun stuff I saw in the city that I usually don't expect to see in the States:

Advertisement for electric bike rentals: "Where effort is replaced by fun!"

"Blueberry (American bakery)" — it looks fancy, but they actually just had muffins and bagel sandwiches.

Kleenex in triangular prism shaped containers

German translation of "Go the f**k to sleep" (found at train station bookstore)

Cannabis Ice Tea

We ate dinner in town.

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