Day 29: Munich to Neuhausen, Switzerland

21 July 2011

We had weisswurst for breakfast again. We picked up our bikes, packed up, and headed for the train station. There Alan gave us some advice on where we could go by train and what trains to take to get there.

We ended up going to Radolfzell, and got off the train in some light rain.

At one place along the bike path, there was a toolbox with things that cyclists might find useful.

How nice!

Roadside fruit stand

We rode west along the edge of the lake to Stein am Rhein, which is where the Rhine empties out of the Bodensee. The town was a nice place, but seemed to be full of tourists (not in a bad or annoying way, just in a "The fraction of people with their cameras out is surprisingly high" way).

Stein am Rhein

We continued along the Rhine until we reached Schaffhausen, where we found a hotel just a bit further down the river, in Neuhausen.

Along the Rhine; Schaffhausen

We checked in at Neuhausen and found that our room had another one of those no-privacy showers.

Neuhausen is the site of the Rheinfall, the largest waterfall in Europe. We went to a vista point to check it out before dinner.


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