Day 26: Bludenz to Rorschach, Switzerland

18 July 2011

We traversed zero mountain passes today.

Outside Feldkirch

We rode from Bludenz down to the Rhine, and crossed into Switzerland, at a border that was unceremoniously marked by a single flag.

Crossing the Swiss border

We continued to follow the river, though the path was flat and boring. We had previously seen rollerblade-labeled trails, but here I saw a map that explained how Switzerland actually had a huge network of rollerblading trails. I must learn more— in particular, whether I can do a rollerblade tour of Switzerland next year.

Following the Rhine

We had lunch (doner kebab) in St. Margrethen at a food stand outside a mall. The mall was huge, and, somewhat oddly, had two supermarkets right next to each other. I suppose capitalism is alive and well here, compared to France, where finding anyone who would sell us a SIM card was an ordeal.

Covered bike parking at the supermarket

In the afternoon we continued along the bike path to the Bodensee. Here the bike path winds between people's backyards, and we saw many cycle-touring families on the trail. Frequently we would see parents with two or three kids in tow, and any kid over the age of 5 or so would typically be riding his own bike! The Bodensee is nice, but I thought it was a bit too built-up along the shore for my taste.


We checked into a hotel and wandered around town.

In Rorschach, for our first dinner in Switzerland in some time, we experienced food price sticker shock. We passed by a Mexican restaurant that had a burrito meal for 29 CHF (about $35!), and other places were little better. Disappointed by the lack of affordable sit-down restaurants in this town, we decided to eat at a fast-food place. So we had doner kebab, again, for dinner.

Dinner in Rorschach


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