Day 27: Rorschach to Munich

19 July 2011

The forecast was calling for heavy rain on the 20th, so we decided to go to Munich to wait it out. We followed the edge of the Bodensee until approximately its eastern end.

Soon the road peeled away from the Bodensee and there was a steep climb.

Leaving the Bodensee

The road wound through Austria and then into the low hills of Bavaria.

On the road we passed a family going in the opposite direction: a father and his two small children, biking up a hill, all on their own bikes. Then we looked at the road signage, where it said that the grade was 19%!

At Wangen we took the train to Munich, and obtained the keys to Chris's apartment. Chris had generously let us stay at his place while he was out of town.

Piaw and I dropped by the Munich office and chatted with friends. We had dinner at Haxnbauer, where I was really glad to eat a pork knuckle (ok, only the half pork knuckle), since I was now hungry basically continuously.

Pork knuckle at Haxnbauer

After dinner we returned to the Google office to chat, but a thunderstorm kept us there longer than we had originally planned. Eventually we made a mad dash back to the subway station and then back to the apartment.

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