Day 17: Muottas Muragl

9 July 2011

We ate breakfast at the hostel. The morning greeted us with thick fog, but we decided to proceed with our plan: to take the funicular (cable-driven rail car) to Muottas Muragl, and then to hike down.

Funicular to Muottas Muragl

It was a good decision, since the funicular quickly took us above the cloud layer, and we had a panoramic view of the Engadin valley.


The construction and maintenance of the trail were quite impressive. Despite apparently being in the middle of nowhere, the trail had numerous steps, stairs, stepping stones, and retaining walls. In some places the trail was quite steep and cable guides were provided.

There were many dramatic vistas.

We ate lunch near the Paradis Hutte, where we enjoyed a great view of the glacier.

After lunch, we descended down to Pontresina, bought some groceries, and returned to the hostel, where spaghetti was served for dinner. It was beautiful out and I had a strong urge to make the most of the daylight, so we went for a ride around the lake after dinner.

St. Moritz lake

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