Day 18: Corvatsch

10 July 2011

We biked over to Corvatsch to start our hike. I was feeling pretty out of it, and my thighs were aching.

The scenic route to Corvatsch

At the gondola terminal, we got a special pass (Wanderbillete) that gets lower rate for those who go up at one station and come down via another. Additionally, we paid a bit extra for a ticket that would allow us to go to the summit to see the view.


Unfortunately, technical problems prevented the gondola from running all the way to the summit, so we had to simply begin our hike at the intermediate station. (Later, we were able to very easily obtain a refund for the extra portion of the ticket to the summit.)

The weather was a bit hazy, though you could see the lakes in the valley.

View of Silvaplana

We also followed a beautiful trail, the wasserweg, that led us past a bunch of smaller lakes as well.

Along the wasserweg

We stopped for lunch at an overlook. A couple of times now I had opened up a pack of chocolate or cookies and turned around to find it 2/3 gone a minute later. Cycle touring has turned us into ravenous monsters.

Clouds blowing over the trail

Shortly after lunch we reached the gondola station (it had been a pretty modest hike). We took the gondola, bus, and bikes back to the hostel. I was feeling quite tired, so I took a nap for an hour. We did our laundry (in the most bizarre-looking laundry machine ever) and had a roast pork dinner at the hostel.

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