Day 16: Zürich to St. Moritz

8 July 2011

Xiaoqin's flight left early in the morning. Piaw and I left some bags at the hotel, but now we were traveling with fully loaded bikes.

Fully loaded bikes

We took the train to St. Moritz (via Zürich and Chur) to spend a couple of days there hiking. The train ride reminded me how beautiful the Swiss greenery is.

We arrived in St. Moritz, ate a supermarket lunch, and biked to the youth hostel. The hostel was a super-modern dorm-like place that had just opened last year.

Hostel in St. Moritz

We took a walk through the woods in light rain to Pontresina, and took the train back. On the bus ride back from the train station we encountered a gaggle of Taiwanese tourists and their tourguide. The bus took us through a classy commercial district of St. Moritz that was very clearly too classy for me to even shop around in.

Dinner was served at the hostel cafeteria.

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