Day 14: Cormet de Roselend

6 July 2011

Piaw and I climbed back up towards Cormet de Roselend, which we had crossed over the previous day by car. We agreed to climb for a fixed amount of time and then head back down to Beaufort to eat lunch. The first part of the climb was shaded and it was a cool day anyway. A racer passed me on the way up and I tried to match his pace, sustaining almost double my usual pace for several minutes.

Road to Cormet de Roselend

Piaw saw some cross-country skiiers trying to practice and to make the most of the season.

Cross country skiing

It was raining a bit when I passed the lake, though not much. I was making good enough time that I reached the pass (Piaw did not). I turned around and rolled back to Beaufort, where we ate lunch.

Cormet de Roselend

Lunch in Beaufort

In the afternoon we drove to Geneva to stay at Jennie and Raphael's place for a night. They have a beautiful apartment that looks out on a residential complex.

View from Jennie's apartment

Raphael lent us some tools to fix a problem that Piaw had been having with his wheel. The bikes had been traveling mounted on the back of the car, and on one of the trips, the exhaust must have fused the valve stem cap onto the valve stem. We managed to cut it away:

For dinner, Jennie and Raphael prepared raclette, which I might characterize like the local analogue of fondue. We heated pieces of cheese and ham on a little grill and ate them with potatoes and cornichons. Yum!


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