Day 17: Hiking to Kleine Scheidegg

2 July 2010

We had two days in Grindelwald, so we reserved one day to hike to Kleine Scheidegg and one day to hike to the Bachalpsee. We chose to go to Kleine Scheidegg— a popular tourist destination— today since it was a Friday, and the crowds would probably be worse on Saturday.

The day was clear and Grindelwald was beautiful in the morning light. The route first took us down to Grindelwald Grund, where we stopped at a grocery store to pick up some food.

Kleine Scheidegg from Grindelwald

The climb to Kleine Scheidegg picks up very quickly.

Shortly after we got on the trail we met a young woman who introduced herself as Flora Liu. She was a Chinese student, studying in London, who had just graduated in economics and was now taking a solo hiking trip in Switzerland. She had been walking much faster but slowed down to chat with us on the hike up.

The trail up to Kleine Scheidegg took us past a small restaurant, pigs and cows, and the cog railway that took tourists between Kleine Scheidegg and Grindelwald.

Cog railway

Dandelions (and Grosse Scheidegg)

There was even an awesome self-service honor-system cheese stand that had a solar-powered refrigerator (with battery backup).

Self-service cheese stand

At Kleine Scheidegg there were throngs of tourists, as this is the departure point for the Jungfraubahn, the train up to the Jungfraujoch (the pass between the Mönch and the Jungfrau).

Kleine Scheidegg


Flora left at the pass, as she was continuing down the other side to Lauterbrunnen valley. Piaw, Lisa, and I had lunch at Kleine Scheidegg, where I had another awful cheese-filled meal. We then headed along the Panoramic Road, which follows the ridge, and affords great views of the Eiger and of Grindelwald.

The Eiger (mmm... Toblerone!)

At Männlichen we took the gondola back down to Grindelwald.

Grindelwald from Männlichen

In Grindelwald valley, the rainshowers arrive every afternoon with startling regularity (starting around 4pm every day and clearing up by dinnertime). Today was no exception, but we were greeted with a double rainbow when the sun came out:

Double rainbow

Piaw bought some laundry detergent, so we got our clothes washed at a laundromat while we ate dinner in town. After two and a half weeks of washing our clothes by hand every day, even this felt positively luxurious.

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