Day 10: Airolo to Bellinzona

25 June 2010

I woke up feeling much worse. I was quite weak and sore, and coughing much more frequently. The plan for the day was just to roll downhill to Bellinzona, which I thought I was well enough to do.

Piaw still couldn't find the tools he needed to fix his CPAP machine, so he went to the post office and shipped it back to himself in Munich.

The ride down was quite boring and flat, though if it had been any more "interesting", I would have wanted to take a train, given my condition. As we descended, the weather got noticeably warmer, and towards the end we were met with a headwind.

In Bellinzona, Piaw went to a bike shop to get a replacement tire, and I picked up some fenders (SKS RaceBlades, great because they mount and unmount very easily). We then checked into a hotel, which was right next to a castle!

Piaw, Lisa, and I got some pizza for dinner at a supermarket.

This supermarket reminded me of MIT's Kresge Auditorium.

In the middle of town, people had been stricken with World Cup fever. They had put up bleachers and a big screen (and amusements for the kids, so that parents could watch the match in peace). We had seen similar setups in other towns, too. All of Europe shuts down when the matches are on.

It was still quite early (only late afternoon), but I returned to my room and slept until basically the following morning, thanks to some cold medication that Cynthia gave me. Piaw and Lisa went to explore the castles, and Cynthia and Kekoa had an enormous Italian dinner.

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