Day 5: Innsbruck, Austria to Bludenz, Austria

20 June 2010

We wanted to get to Bludenz, but the aforementioned train cut meant that the bikes could only be transported to Bludenz by car. However, we would not be able to fit all five of us, as well as all four bikes, into the car. We decided that two people would drive the bikes to Bludenz, find lodging there, drop off the bikes, and drive back, at which point we would all take the train together to Bludenz. As for who would actually be the ones to go, Kekoa and Piaw took the car, since Kekoa knows how to drive stick, and Piaw knows German.

Loading up the car

We loaded the car up and Kekoa and Piaw left. Meanwhile, Lisa, Cynthia, and I were left to amuse ourselves for a few hours.

I had brought along two things to entertain myself during downtime such as this: Set (the card game), and a Nexus One with the audio track of every episode of Seinfeld on it. The latter came in much more handy, since for most of the trip I wasn't in much mood to exert myself mentally. (By the end of the trip I had made it through about 60 episodes.)

Kekoa and Piaw made it to Bludenz and back without incident, and we returned the car and hopped on a train. At Landeck, we got off and transferred onto buses, which took us the last leg to Bludenz. Piaw and Kekoa had found rooms at Gasthof Löwen, an apparently newly renovated hotel in Bludenz.

There was just one problem with our room: the shower had a glass door that opened directly into the bedroom:

We had dinner at the hotel (three-course meal). I took a walk around town after dinner. Bludenz is a cute little town, full of brightly colored buildings:

I slept early.

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