Being Productive With Emacs

Phil Sung <>

Emacs is a text editor which is far more powerful than most of its users realize. It can be (1) customized extensively to suit one's needs, (2) automated to save time and reduce tedium, and (3) extended to do virtually anything. Although Emacs can seem intimidating to beginners, the investment of learning it pays for itself many times over in increased productivity.

These two slide decks (HTML) are from a class I taught in January 2009 during MIT's Independent Activities Period:

The Guided Tour of Emacs is a longer and more thorough document (in prose!) that overlaps with material from the first set of slides above.

Additional information

Installation guide: Emacs installation instructions for various platforms.

I've collected a page of additional Emacs resources.

Slides from the 2007 version of the class are available: ODPPDF; ODPPDF; ODPPDF.

Useful links:

Special thanks to Piaw Na and Arthur Gleckler for their help in preparing this material, and to SIPB for sponsoring this class. Read the original announcement for the class.

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