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Zeya » Quick Start Guide


Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux

Zeya is packaged in Debian testing and unstable, and in Ubuntu 11.04/Natty:

# aptitude install zeya

From source / other platforms

Follow these instructions if you are not running one of the platforms listed above, want a newer version, or wish to contribute to Zeya development.

Download the source:

git clone http://web.psung.name/git/zeya.git

If you wish, revert from the development branch back to the most recent release tag:

cd zeya; git checkout zeya-0.6

Read the INSTALL file in the repo. It contains instructions for installing the appropriate dependencies for your system. The INSTALL file also contains information about any known issues and caveats.

(Here's an example INSTALL, but it may be out of date with respect to the repository you've cloned.)

Running Zeya

The most common way to start Zeya is to ask it to load and serve all the music within a given directory:

./zeya.py --path=/path/to/your/music

(Zeya creates a zeya.db file in that directory to cache song metadata. If you're using the Debian/Ubuntu package, replace ./zeya.py with zeya.)

Then visit http://localhost:8080 in your web browser.

To read about more possible options for running Zeya (for example, specifying the contents of your music library in various ways, or listening on a different port), see the cookbook.

Last updated: 17 September 2011