Day 17: North Bend

3 October 2011

On the basis of the weather forecast, I called a rain day to stop and rest in North Bend. In hindsight, this was a bad decision, since it would not rain at all all day in North Bend. Oh well, decision-making under uncertainty is hard.

Michael, the manager at the motel, suggested breakfast at Mom's Kitchen, which was just a block down from the motel. I had a delicious made-from-scratch meal of standard American breakfast fare. Pancakes with boysenberry syrup… so good.

Breakfast at Mom's

I spent all day either reading or napping, then headed out for an early dinner and walked through town.


Bridge into North Bend

I had a very good dinner at Porta— one of the best meals of the trip. The flavors in the salad just popped, the shrimp was perfectly cooked. Clearly someone there really knows what they are doing.

Dinner in North Bend

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