Day 1: Zürich, Switzerland, to Rosenlaui

23 June 2011

Before leaving, we installed on the car a bike rack that we had brought over in our luggage.

Bikes mounted on car

We left our bike boxes and a few other things at Hotel Fly Away, and then drove the bikes to Sarnen. After a light breakfast at Sarnen train station, Piaw and I set off on our bikes towards Brünigpass. We passed the Sarnersee and the Lungerersee on a nice quiet bike path to the west (the major road passes the lakes on the east).

Sarnersee and Lungerersee

Past the Lungerersee the path headed up a steep and unpaved section that followed the train tracks, and soon we had a great view of the lake.

View of Lungerersee

At Brünigpass, we decided to take the main road down for a faster descent. Soon we passed Meiringen. We had lunch at the Lammi restaurant, eating their incomparable bratwurst and noodles.

Could I have been happier? I don't think so.

After lunch we climbed to Rosenlaui. The rain was getting heavier and I couldn't see anything in the valley due to the clouds. We arrived at Hotel Rosenlaui, and I put my bike away and took a nap, waking in time for Rosenlaui's always-wonderful four-course dinner.

Salad; lamb and polenta

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