Day 21: Rosenlaui to Munich, Germany

6 July 2010

Andreas learned that we were rushing to catch an 8:45 train in Meiringen, so he graciously had breakfast put out early for us. As with dinner, breakfast at Rosenlaui was unrivaled on our trip.

Breakfast at Rosenlaui

We packed up our bikes and rolled down Rosenlaui valley to the train station at Meiringen.

My bike, loaded with bags and shoes

Since Roberto had bailed, and Piaw and Lisa hadn't bought tickets in advance, they took Roberto's ticket and bought an additional one. Piaw/Lisa and Cynthia/Kekoa/I parted ways in Luzern, and then it took Cynthia, Kekoa, and me most of the rest of the day to get back to Munich.

Train from Meiringen

After arriving in Munich we checked in to the Vi Vadi Hotel, where we had left our large suitcases. We then went to the city center to buy chocolate and other delectables.

For dinner, Kekoa and Cynthia suggested going to Haxnbauer, where they had been the last time they were in Munich. We all got fried pork knuckle, which you can order à la carte (priced by weight). We hadn't done that much riding that day, but we were still famished, and the pork knuckle was greasy and satisfying. The piece I ordered was more than I could handle in one sitting, but I did finish it for breakfast the following morning.

Pork knuckle in the window at Haxnbauer

Afterwards, we were all feeling pretty full, so we walked back to the hotel and started preparing our bikes for transport.

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