Phil Sung <psung@alum.mit.edu>

rdiff-snapshot-fs is a utility for viewing backups created by rdiff-backup.

It creates a virtual filesystem (with FUSE) that contains a directory corresponding to each snapshot. Each directory contains the contents of that historical snapshot. You can use it to browse or restore files from snapshots in your repository.

You may use, modify, and redistribute rdiff-snapshot-fs under the terms of the GPLv3 or (at your option) any later version.

Prerequisites:aptitude install rdiff-backup python-fuse
Source: git clone http://web.psung.name/git/rdiff-snapshot-fs.git
Usage: $ ./rdiff-snapshot-fs.py /path/to/backup/location /path/to/view/location
$ ls /path/to/view/location
News/updates: Posts tagged rdiff-snapshot-fs on my blog